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  • Views: 1364 WGTE Town Hall: Alternative Energy -

    The Northwest Ohio region has a multitude of alternative energy stories to tell, including cutting-edge biomass fuel research being developed and tested at the University of Toledo's College of Engineering, and the activities of the many solar energy firms headquartered in the Toledo area (a legacy of Toledo's history as the nation's major glass manufacturer).   In addition, Lake Erie is being considered as the site of a future wind farm to capture prevailing winds across the lower Great Lakes region.

    Can alternative energy sources realistically replace our reliance on petroleum, coal and nuclear power?  Can the Midwest take an aging rust belt industrial tradition and turn it around to manufacture solar panels and wind turbines?  Join the discussion and post your questions for our experts to answer.

  • Views: 535 WGTE Town Hall: Elephant Care and Preservation -

    WGTE Town Hall: Elephant Care and Preservation

    This town hall event, hosted by Bill Harris, examines The Toledo Zoo's mission of inspiring others to join them in caring for animals and conserving the natural world. They strive to accomplish this goal in many ways, but one of the most fascinating aspects of their work involves elephant care.

    A new elephant environment called the Tembo Trail blends elephant care with a unique visitor experience. What is the balance zoos must achieve between elephant care and public display? How do animal care professionals keep these intelligent animals entertained and engaged in learning activity? Who are the people who care for the elephants, making sure they are healthy in body and mind?

    This program is made possible by Susan L. Conda

    Photo by Lynn Lyons

  • Views: 959 WGTE Town Hall: American Graduate -

    WGTE presented this live Town Hall program "American Graduate - Finding Solutions for Toledo's Kids"

    We also broadcast special editions of "Deadline Now," focusing on graduation rates and community solutions in October and December.

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  • Views: 918 WGTE Town Hall: Depression -

    This WGTE interactive Town Hall to examines the impact of depression on those with the disease, their families and the community at large. A panel of local experts offered information, direction and answered questions from the studio audience and viewers.

    This program is followed by an interactive online webinar discussion.

  • Community Education Classes - The Technology Revealed Series

    The WGTE Educational Resource Center is now offering Technology Revealed community education classes! Topics include Kindle Fire, iPad2, Google Docs and Web Tools.

  • Views: 1171 WGTE Town Hall: Leading in Literacy -

    Bill Harris hosted this live program that examines one of the most pressing issues facing our community - the problem of low literacy rates among preschool aged children. Children entering school with high literacy skills are "ready to learn" and move to the head of the class. Children with weak reading skills begin school at a disadvantage, a gap that may grow wider as their educational experiece proceeds. How can we break the cycle?


  • Views: 1156 Facing the Mortgage Crisis Community Connection

    PHOTO GALLERY: On Saturday, July 25th, at 10:00 a.m., WGTE held a free information fair on mortgage and foreclosure issues.

    WGTE Public Media, the United Way of Greater Toledo and other concerned community partners are here to help you through an initiative called FACING THE MORTGAGE CRISIS. The event included trusted community organizations, government advocates, legal and financial counselors as well as lenders and loan negotiators.

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  • Views: 11 Do Not Go Gently Video Voices

    WGTE created three local Video Voices to celebrate the art oand spirit of a few locals in their golden years. Enjoy these stories now!

  • Through Toledo's Eyes

    WGTE is proud to present Through Toledo's Eyes – the stories of Toledoans remembering the Civil Rights Era history of the Dorr Street neighborhood.