Google Maps

Google Maps is free, web based mapping service that has tons of education applications!

Below are some useful links to get you started.


Google Maps Help:  Getting Started Guide, articles and help forum.  Click here.

Google Lat Long Blog:  Official blog of the Google Earth and Maps Team  Click here

Google Maps API  Click here.

Lesson Plans

Google Geo Education (Maps). Click here.

Google - UK Schools.  Ok, they might not exactly align with our standards, but here is a great collection of lesson plans using Earth and Maps for all grade levels.  Click here.

Bus routes and Google Maps Help Teach Physics:  real world example from real physics teacher.  Click here

Google Math Maps Lessons  Click here

Mash ups

Google Maps Mania:  "An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Map"  Great place to find Google Maps mashups on a variety of topics -- some are even educational!  Click here.

History Pin: Pin your history to the world.  Click here.

Earthquakes in the Last Week.  Click here.

WeatherSpark: Interactive weather map and charts.  Click here

If It Were My Home, Country Comarisons.  If you were born somewhere else, would you be the same person?  Click here.

Newspaper Map: 10,000 newspapers on Google Maps.  Click here.

Census Map: New York Times, Mapping America  Click here.

Woices "Geolocalized audioguides"  Share your voice and make the world a more interesting place. Click here

Map Maker

Google Map Maker, opened to the US in April 2011.  Make your own contributions to Google Maps!  Click here.

Watch Map Maker in action!  Watch live mapping by users around the world.  Click here.


Google Maps for Educators, PDF file.  Presented at Ohio Google Apps for Educators Conference, May 9, 2011.  Click here.



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