Professional Development

ERC class offerings are always changing so if you do not see a topic or technology to meet your needs, either check back (because it will likely be on our next schedule) or contact us for a full listing of classes. 419-380-4633

Class offerings change throughout the year so if you do not see a topic on the current schedule, it is likely to be on the next one! Or, you can contact us directly so that we can design a PD program that aligns specifically to your school/district needs.  Contact hour certificates provided for all classes. Graduate credit is available at a special rate through Lourdes University.  For more information, contact the ERC at 419-380-4633.

  • Intro to iPad : Face-to-Face

    Become a technology leader with the iPad!  In this hands-on session you will learn the features of this mobile device and how it has become a versatile instructional tool. Learn the basic functions of the iPad, the app store, classroom techniques, and accessibility options. 

  • Web 2.0 and Freesources

    The internet is a wealth of riches for teachers who know where to find free tools for the classroom that can help manage a group of students, map an idea, survey and engage the class, create visually impressive reports and projects, and much more.  This class will offer a small sampling of different tools in a hands-on environment with the goal of helping educators understand the massive world of web tools available and to better search for new tools in the future. 

  • iPad Apps for Everyone

    Discover apps for every subject, explore, share, discuss, and develop new ways to integrate app technology into your curriculum.