Professional Development

ERC class offerings are always changing so if you do not see a topic or technology to meet your needs, either check back (because it will likely be on our next schedule) or contact us for a full listing of classes. 419-380-4633

Class offerings change throughout the year so if you do not see a topic on the current schedule, it is likely to be on the next one! Or, you can contact us directly so that we can design a PD program that aligns specifically to your school/district needs.  Contact hour certificates provided for all classes. Graduate credit is available at a special rate through Lourdes University.  For more information, contact the ERC at 419-380-4633.

  • Engaging Difficult Parents

    We've all had the experience of working with parents who are difficult in some way:  aloof, condescending, uncaring, short-tempered, or absent.  In this session, you'll learn different strategies to engage parents, including specific words to use when talking to parents you're having a hard time communicating with.  If you have them, please bring your memories of difficult interactions you've had with parents so we can "workshop" them together.  Be ready for role play and laughter.

  • Setting Up for Behavior Management

    In three short hours, you can do a lot to get set up for an effective behavior management system in your classroom.  We will talk about selecting effective classroom rules, creating an effective behavior management system, and designing and teaching procedures to make your classroom move smoothly.  You will walk out of the workshop with all the tools you need to give your students (and yourself!) a safe, smooth, and predictable place to learn!  If you have them, please bring:  anything you already have prepared in terms of rules, posters about classroom rules or routines, and/or your school's behavior management/discipline policy/plan.

  • Social Media in the Classroom

    You can block Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube from the internet at school, but you cannot escape the fact that school-aged children incorporate these services, and many other social media services like them, into their daily lives.  Even if most of their activity and viewing has to happen at home, it is no longer safe or responsible for adults to remain ignorant of the popular social networks, no matter how much we don't want to participate in that digital culture.

    At WGTE we are striving to help teachers become more comfortable in the digital society of which their students are already seasoned participants. If you want to get started on social media or just to untangle the mystery behind the top sites and services, please consider joining us for good conversation and hands-on practice with the Internet's most interactive portals.

  • Internet Basics for Beginners

    Have you been to a tech workshop and thought to yourself, why am I here when I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about? Need a primer on using the internet? This is the class for you! Find out about e-mail, browsers, web searching and more in this beginner class.

  • Chromebooks for Teachers

    Chromebooks are quickly becoming the go-to tool for the classroom. Join us to learn more about this device, Google Drive, and how you can do practically everything you can do with a laptop for much less cost! Registration limited to 6 students.

  • iPad Apps for Everyone

    Discover apps for every subject, explore, share, discuss, and develop new ways to integrate app technology into your curriculum.

  • Drive Your Classroom with Google

    Google Drive is an amazing tool that can easily replace many office applications for free. Learn more about the many ways you can use Drive to do more in your classroom. Includes a hands-on overview of Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides.

  • iMovie in the Classroom

    Bring your iPads and we’ll bring the popcorn! Have you wanted to do more with video in your classroom? Learn how to use this free app from Apple and make movies like a pro! This will be a hands on workshop with time for you to make your own short video and practice editing.

  • Chrome Browser and Extensions

    Get the most out of Chrome by learning how to utilize extensions that change the way the internet works for you and your students. Learn about the Chrome Store and ways you can optimize your Google Drive experience. Featuring Doctopus.