Professional Development

ERC class offerings are always changing so if you do not see a topic or technology to meet your needs, either check back (because it will likely be on our next schedule) or contact us for a full listing of classes. 419-380-4633 Class offerings change throughout the year so if you do not see a topic on the current schedule, it is likely to be on the next one! Or, you can contact us directly so that we can design a PD program that aligns specifically to your school/district needs.  Contact hour certificates provided for all classes. Graduate credit is available at a special rate through Lourdes University.  For more information, contact the ERC at 419-380-4634.

  • Techsplanation: Transforming the Classroom

    Learn about the leading technology frameworks and join in discussion of best practices in classroom room technology usage. Also, look at the future of instructional tech by discussing current and emerging trends.

    Self paced online one week course