Tech News! - LiveBinders
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Tech News! - LiveBinders

Create, Share, or Retrieve Educational Content with LiveBinders

Advertised as “the knowledge sharing place,” LiveBinders is a free online service to collect, organize, and present resources for personal reference or to share with colleagues or the student community.  It is the sharing feature that is most attractive to educators who are seeking activities and web resources to integrate into their classroom activities.  Perhaps teachers need animal web cams for a science unit, or a counselor requires college resources for counselees.  Some educators may be exploring ways to use Twitter in the classroom, or need to share supplemental study resources with students/parents.  Enterprising teachers, wanting a web repository for classroom activities and resources, can quickly and efficiently create “binders” for easy access for students/parents.  LiveBinders may just have the answer and the resources 21st Century teachers require.  

The American Association of School Librarians recognized LiveBinders as one of the top web sites for 2011.  To see a sampling of some of the best “binders,” take a look at the Top Ten of 2011.  The service is free, however, subscription services are available for those needing more storage space.  Additionally, LiveBinders allows students over 13 years of age to use the site to create their own resource binders for research management or project presentations.