Student Response System
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Student Response System

Audience Response Systems

Student/Audience Response Systems, aka “Clickers”, are designed to increase engagement and provide instant feedback for an instructor in any classroom instruction situation. Although this technology has been in use since the 1960’s, recent advances (wireless, text possibilities, integration of Interactive White Boards, enhancement of report options) have made them more K-12 teacher-friendly.

Aligning to Standards:

Clicker technology allows teachers to easily integrate the Technology for Productivity Applications, Technology and Communication Applications, and the Technology and Information Literacy Standards into their subject-based curriculum, while also creating more opportunities for data-driven instruction.

Learning More at WGTE:

To help teachers and administrators learn about this new technology and its potential for classroom instruction, WGTE ERC is offering a 3-hour workshop on March 21st, 2008. We encourage each teacher to bring an administrator “buddy” to experience specific examples from across the curriculum that illustrate how clickers can be used to improve student preparation, get a clear view of student comprehension, increase class participation and student motivation. Participants will review the latest enhancements to a variety of products, as well as strategies for integrating clickers in a variety of instructional formats.

Click here to view a pdf. format of the presentation Interactive Response Systems=Engagement!

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