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During Podcasting workshops at WGTE, you will be learning the essentials of podcasting and how you can incorporate podcasting into your classroom. To view the resources used during the podcasting workshop and additional links that will help you better understand podcasting in education, click the "Podcasting Resources" link on the left.

Please click here for the Introduction to Podcasting Powerpoint

Step 1 is actually to be sure that you have a microphone and that your computer has configured your microphone as a recording source. THEN, we need to be able to record sound. Audacity is a free program that can be downloaded to a Windows or Mac OS X system, and is very easy to use. You will need to export your files after you have recorded - we will be using a file format called Ogg Vorbis for our class at WGTE.

Podcastpeople - a podcast host site
Podcastpeople allows you to host up to 100MB of podcasts for free. The program will walk you through an easy setup process. You will need to pick a sitename. Folks will be able to find your podcast by visiting yoursitename.podcastpeople.com. Podcastpeople does allow you to record your podcast online, but I had some trouble making this work, which is why I recommend Audacity.

Liberated Syndication - an alternative hosting site

You will need a program that creates an RSS 2.0 feed so that folks can subscribe to your podcast. Podcastpeople does this automatically. Free sites like podcastpeople can become trouble when you begin to have many subscribers, however. Liberated Syndication is another option, which can cost about $5 per month. This site allows you to create a blog with the option of posting sound files. It then automatically generates the RSS 2.0 feed for you.

Podcasting Consultant
This is the website of Adam Weiss, a podcast consultant (who used to work with Erin). It contains many resources, including answers to any podcaster's questions.

Podcast Alley
Another source of podcasts

Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music's Free Music and Sound Effects

SoundzAbound Royalty Free Music
This site provides a lifetime license to a volume of royalty-free music for a fee of $99. Available to schools.


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