What's Your M.O.? (Medical Option) 2011 Year One
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What's Your M.O.? (Medical Option) 2011 Year One

Looking for a career in a fast growing field with a wealth of variety? Allied Health careers might be for you.  What’s Your M.O. (Medical Option) explores three very different aspects of Allied Health Careers.

Featuring experts in their fields, these modules show real world, on the job environments and responsibilities of  exercise science professionals, medical illustrators and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).  See for yourself if these careers would be a good fit for you!

Each module is comprised of:

  • A fast-paced STUDENT VIDEO shot in the field
  • An  TEACHING RESOURCE VIDEO that delves deeper into educational requirements and career exploration
  • a VIDEO VIEWING guide to assess student comprehension
  • Links to resources for further exploration

What’s Your M.O.?  (Medical Option) Modules:

EMT/Paramedic Module

Medical Illustrator Module

Exercise Science Module


This project was made possible through generous support from eTech Ohio.

Special thanks to Penta Career Center, the Ohio Department of Education, Sylvania Fire Department, University of Toledo: Center for Creative Instruction, University of Toledo Medical Center, and Ottawa Hills High School.


  • What's Your M.O.? (Medical Option) 2011 Year One