Electronic Currents

Fridays, 10:00 p.m.-Midnight

From the rhythmic energy of House to the soaring melodies of Epic Trance; the skipping beats of drum and bass, and the mellow soundscapes of chill-out. No matter where you are, this is your home for Electronic Dance Music!

About Host Richard Paton:
A former reporter, editor, and music reviewer in Toledo, Richard Paton has a long affiliation with WGTE, both as a co-host of the television program, "The Editors," and creator and host of "Electronic Currents" during its first, 10-year run on the air.

Returning to FM 91 with what has been dubbed “EC.2” Richard, a native of England who has lived in Ohio for many years, brings his extensive knowledge of – and appreciation for – EDM in all its forms to the show, providing listeners with an experience of the widest spectrum of dance music.

Richard’s lifelong love of music began early in the U.K. with the formation of a rock band that attempted, with varying degrees of success, to recreate the sounds of Free and Cream. Swiftly moving on, he performed in a folk/country duo at the University of Leeds.

From there his musical journey meandered down the side roads of home recording, when cassettes were still its medium of choice, until dance-infused albums began to come across his desk when working as the editor of a music review column.

One of those, Paul Oakenfold’s “Tranceport” mix, released in 1998, ignited his passion for EDM, and in the 15 years since then, Richard has been dedicated to sharing this music with FM 91’s listeners.

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