• Views: 403 Jazz Spectrum - Best of 2009

    BEST OF 2009

    Fritz Byers selects 50 new jazz recordings from 2009 that stood out for their innovation, virtuosity, and beauty.

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  • Views: 785 The Alchemy of Scott Lafaro, by Kim Kleinman

    The bassist Scott Lafaro's voice -- fresh, vibrant, and melodic -- transformed the instrument and its role in jazz.  Working with artists as diverse as Bill Evans and Ornette Coleman, created pure gold in a form of artistic alchemy. Kim Kleinman considers Lafaro's achievement.

  • Views: 802 Honoring Blue Mitchell, by Fritz Byers

    The trumpeter Blue Mitchell created a substantial body of tasteful, expressive, and affecting music, including a series of recordings in the 50s and 60s for Riverside and Blue Note that document a sensibility of consistent excellence and appealing reserve.  Fritz Byers honors Mitchell's memory.

  • Views: 631 Jim Hall - An Appreciation, by Fritz Byers

    For fifty years, Jim Hall has been making jazz.  His accumulated body of work is rich, fluid, and marked by sustained excellence.  It also reflects Hall's relentless inventiveness.  Fritz Byers considers Hall's career.

  • Views: 3040 On Dexter Gordon, by Kim Kleinman

    Kim Kleinman considers the achievement of Dexter Gordon, reflecting on having first encountered Gordon's grand sound on the live recordings of Gordon's mid-70s return to the United States, the pleasures of seeing him perform, and his enduring influence.

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  • Views: 184 2008 Grammy Award for Latin Jazz

    The Recording Academy will announce the 2008 Grammys Sunday, February 8, 2009.  The contenders for Best Latin Jazz album are the Caribbean Jazz Project, "Afro Bop Alliance"; Conrad Herwig, "The Latin Side of Wayne Shorter"; Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, "Song for Chico"; Nestor Torres, "Nouveau Latino"; and Pap Vazquez & The Mighty Pirates, "Marooned/Aislado".  Fritz Byers surveys the field.

  • Views: 174 Best Jazz Releases - 2008

    Fritz Byers selects forty jazz releases from 2008 that made a deep impression, selected from among the hundreds of worthy discs that he listened to during the year.

  • Views: 197 2007 Grammy Award for Latin Jazz

    The contenders for the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz reflect the breadthy, vitality, and brilliance of the current Latin-jazz scene -- equal parts revered veterans and stunning newcomers.  Fritz Byers argues that who wins doesn't matter; listen to all five of these terrific recordings.

  • Views: 200 Best of Latin Jazz 2007

    A steady stream of stirring releases made 2007 a rich year for Latin Jazz artists: the Simon brothers, Mark Weinstein, John Santos, Paquito D'Rivera, Bobby Sanabria, and Roswell Rudd in collaboration with Yomo Toro.  Fritz Byers surveys the year.