New Music from Bowling Green


Genre:  Classical
Length:  59 minutes
Frequency: 13 weeks
Optional Breaks: One
Music/Talk Ratio: 3/1
Producer/Host: WGTE Public Media/Brad Cresswell
Underwriters: Dottie and DeWayne Hansen/Bowling Green State University

New Music from Bowling Green is a radio series devoted to living composers and their works. The program originates from the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music (MACCM), part of the College of Musical Arts at Bowling Green State University in Northwest Ohio. Since 1980, MACCM has been hosting some of the biggest names in modern music at the annual New Music Festival. It also sponsors a multi-venue concert series called Music at the Forefront, which shines a spotlight on new and exciting young performers of contemporary music.

Produced by WGTE Public Media and hosted by Brad Cresswell, New Music from Bowling Green draws primarily on live concert recordings from the New Music Festival and Music at the Forefront, as well as commercial recordings featuring the Bowling Green Philharmonia and the BGSU Wind Symphony. Designed with the mainstream classical music listener in mind, the program features audience-friendly modern works that are introduced by their composers. We also hear from the performers who bring those works to life – in some cases, for the very first time.

The list of composers who appear on the series to introduce their own work reads like a Who's Who of Modern Music: Samuel Adler; Caleb Burhans; Sebastian Currier; Michael Daugherty; David Lang; Ingram Marshall; Kevin Puts; Shulamit Ran; Huang Ruo; Steven Stucky, and Christopher Theofanidis, among many others. Also featured is Pulitzer Prize-winner (and BGSU alumna) Jennifer Higdon, who personally takes us on a three-episode tour of her Grammy award-winning discography.

Other highlights include a program of works by recent BGSU grads, and a performance by the BGSU New Music Ensemble recorded live at New York City's celebrated new music cabaret, (Le) Poisson Rouge.

For more information on bringing New Music from Bowling Green to your station, please contact Tony Macaluso at 773-279-2114, or Carol Martinez at 773-279-2112,

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Listen to preview episodes (music selections truncated) below.

  • NMFBG 01: Adler; Higdon; Puts; Lang

    In this inaugural episode of NMFBG, we take a roller coaster ride through the mind of Ludwig van Beethoven, courtesy of 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner Kevin Puts (pictured). Also, we hear more music inspired by the past, from veteran composer Samuel Adler. Later on, we visit with two other Pulitzer Prize winners, David Lang and Jennifer Higdon — who evokes a luminous, out-of-body experience with her tone poem blue cathedral.

    Music heard in this episode:

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  • NMFBG 02: Carter; Luther Adams; Daugherty; Theofanidis

    In this episode of NMFBG, we "Raise the Roof" with Michael Daugherty (pictured) and his tour-de-force of a Timpani Concerto. We also hear an early work by modern music icon Elliott Carter, plus John Luther Adams' hypnotic vision of a deep, dark, sea. Finally, Christopher Theofanidis packs seven hundred years of history into a 12-minute violin concerto.

    Music heard in this episode:

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  • NMFBG 03: Ross; Marshall; Huang

    In this episode of NMFBG, Chinese-born composer Huang Ruo (pictured) offers a haunting elegy to his Grandmother, who died in 2004. Also, Ingram Marshall reinvents a popular hymn tune and John Ross sets the intimate, subtle imagery of Iowa's first poet laureate, Marvin Bell.

    Music heard in this episode:

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  • NMFBG 04: Jennifer Higdon, part one

    In this episode of NMFBG, we begin our three-episode tour of BGSU alumna Jennifer Higdon's Grammy-winning discography, curated by the composer herself. Jennifer tells us about her early years as a flute major at Bowling Green; how she got her start in composition, and how painting and colors figure prominently in her work.

    Music heard in this episode:

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  • NMFBG 05: Jennifer Higdon, part two

    In this episode of NMFBG, we continue our three-part survey of music by BGSU alumna Jennifer Higdon, who gives us the backstory on two of her most popular concertos. We hear Jennifer's Soprano Saxophone Concerto, alongside her classical/bluegrass hybrid Concerto 4-3, written for the crossover string trio Time for Three.

    Music heard in this episode:

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  • NMFBG 06: Jennifer Higdon, part three

    In this episode of NMFBG, we conclude our three-part survey of music by Pulitzer prize winner (and BGSU alumna) Jennifer Higdon. We hear two more high-powered concertos, and learn more about her early years at Bowling Green — not just from Jennifer herself, but from acclaimed conductor Robert Spano, who was on faculty at the time.

    Music heard in this episode:

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