Electronic Currents Playlist for March 14, 2014



“Don’t Matter” by Cherokee feat. Darianna Everett


“Can’t Control” by Den Hetrix feat. Samia


“U Gonna Want Me (Moe Turk Remix)” by Saccao, Biatlone & Vintage Culture


“Boiling (Medlar Remix)” by Disclosure


“This Time (Gorge Remix)” by Lovebirds feat. Novika


“Stand Up (Francesco Rossi Remix)” by Edo


“In Love With You (Original Club Mix)” by Atrium


“You Give Love A Bad Name (JL & Afterman Remix)” by Davide Svezza

“Make It There (The Prototypes Remix)” by Koven feat. Folly Rae


“Here With You” by Fred V & Grafix feat. Collin McLoughlin


“Move Into Light (Koven Remix)” by Juventa feat. Erica Curran


“Elements” by Fractal


“Nothing Ever Lasts (Extended Intro Mix)” By Cosmic Gate & Andrew Bayer


“So Alive (Aurosonic Progressive Mix)” by Spark7 feat. Ridgewalkers


“Shine” by Mike Shiver & Aneym


“Connected (Craig Connelly Remix Edit)” by John B & Kirsty Hawkshaw


“Black Hole” by Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli


“In Your Arms” by Andy Moor & Jessica Sweetman feat. Jessica Sweetman


“Freedom” by SoundLift


“On My Own (12” Version)” by Zero 7


“Golden Light” by Keeno