MBG 13-13: Heuser; Ryan; Ran; Gann

In this episode of NMFBG, we explore a wide emotional landscape in music: from a stirring depiction of holocaust survivors perilously making their way to the Promised Land by Shulamit Ran (pictured), to Jeffrey Ryan's haunting setting of a gothic poem which centers around Ophelia, the lovesick young girl who meets a tragic fate in Shakespeare's Hamlet. We'll also hear a hypnotic meditation for chamber ensemble by Kyle Gann, which expands on one of the most mystical and unsettling songs of American iconoclast Charles Ives.

Music heard in this episode:

David Heuser: Cauldron Albany Troy490 »

Jeffrey Ryan: Ophélie (Myra Merritt, soprano; Traci Cotterman, Irina Yurkovskaya, and Jennifer Wesco, assisting sopranos) Albany Troy321 »

Shulamit Ran: Vessels of Courage and Hope Albany (Bowling Green Philharmonia/Emily Freeman Brown) Troy1020 »

Kyle Gann: Serenity Meditation  (BGSU New Music Ensemble/J.J. Pearse) Live Concert Performance