Watershed Radio: Fertilizer & Fields

Watershed Radio: Fertilizer & Fields

First Broadcast:  Friday, June 13, 2014

In 2014 more than 250 agricultural retailers and stakeholders from the Ohio, Indiana and Michigan agriculture communities attended the launch of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program.  This voluntary program is geared toward the long-term improvement of Lake Erie's water quality by applying the 4R Principles -

Right Source ... Ensure a balanced supply of essential nutrients, considering both naturally available sources and the characteristics of specific products, in plant available forms.

Right Rate ... Assess and make decisions based on soil nutrient supply and plant demand.

Right Time ... Assess and make decisions based on the dynamics of crop uptake, soil supply, nutrient loss risks, and field operation logistics.

Right Place ... Address root-soil dynamics and nutrient movement, and manage spatial variability within the field to meet site-specific crop needs and limit potential losses from the field.

Featured In The Story:
Carrie Vollmer-Sanders:
WLEB Project Director-The Nature Conservancy
Doug Busdeker:
Area General Manager, Farms Centers - The Andersons Inc.
Terry McClure:
Farmer - McClure Farms
John Motter:
Farmer - Motter Farms

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