Jazz Spectrum 91 Playlist - February 28, 2009
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Jazz Spectrum 91 Playlist - February 28, 2009

A musical portrait of Dexter Gordon from his early days as a be-bopper through his revered Blue Note recordings to his triumphant homecoming from his expatriate years in Europe.  Also, recent releases from vocalist Sheila Jordan, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Todd Coolman, and Dominic Faranacci.


Set 1

Clayton Brothers, Brother to Brother, "Big Daddy Adderlys", "Where is Love"

Sheila Jordan, Winter Sunshine, "Comes Love"

Set 2

Dexter Gordan, The Hunt, "The Hunt"

Dexter Gordon, Dexter Gordon Blows Hot and Cool, "Silver Plated", "Cry Me A River"

Set 3

Todd Coolman, Perfect Strangers, "Full Circle"

Dr. Lonnie Smith, Rise Up!", "A Matterapat", "Come Together"

Set 4

Dexter Gordon, Go, "Cheese Cake", "I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry", "Love For Sale"

Dexter Gordon, Our Man in Paris, "Stairway to the Stars"

Set 5

Steve Wiest, Out of the New, "X&Y", "Seven Days"

Dominick Farinacci, Lovers, Tales & Dances, "Don't Explain", "Lonely Woman"

John Stetch, TV Trio, "Rocky and Bullwinkle"

Set 6

Dexter Gordon, Homecoming, "Fenja", "It's You or No One"

Set 7

Hal Galper, Art-Work, "Stella By Starlight"

Eric Alexander, Prime Time, "Some Other Time"

Marcin Wasilewski Trio, January, "The First Touch", "Vignette"