Jazz Spectrum 91 Playlist - April 18, 2009
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Jazz Spectrum 91 Playlist - April 18, 2009

Set 1

Taylor/Fidyk Big Band, Live at Blues Alley, "Full Count", "Maiden Voyage"

Sheila Jordan, Winter Sunshine: Live at Upstairs, "Ballad of Miles/It Never Entered My Mind"

Jim McNeely, Boneyard, "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning"

Set 2

Liam Sillery, Minor Changes, "Minor Changes", "For Jane", "Terry's Blues"

Rondi Charleston, In My Life "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"

Set 3

Charles Tolliver Big Band, Emperor March, "On the Nile"

Allen Toussaint, The Bright Mississippi, "Winin' Boy Blues", "West End Blues"

Set 4

Liam Sillery, On the Fly, "On the Fly", "Bicycle Ride", "Fontok", "Down the Line"

Derrick Gardner, Echoes of Ethnicity, "Autumn in New York"

Set 5

Avery Sharpe Trio, Autumn Moonlight, "Boston Baked Blues", "Take Your Time, But Hurry Up"

Todd Coolman, Perfect Strangers, "Crescent City Ditty", "Full Circle"

Set 6

Liam Sillery, Outskirts, "Black Bag" "Minor Change"

Frank Kimbrough, Air, "Coming on the Hudson", "Air"