Jazz Spectrum 91 Playlist - October 2, 2010
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Jazz Spectrum 91 Playlist - October 2, 2010

Set 1

Doug Beavers 9, Two Shades of Nude, "Two Shades of Nude"
Alison Ruble, Ashland, "Let's Fall in Love"
Rolf Sturm, Balance, "Stella By Starlight"
Grant Stewart, Around the Corner, "The Scene is Clean"
Chris Donnelly, Solo, "Very Early"

Set 2

Carl Fischer & Organic Groove Ensemble, Adverse Times, "Wienhiem Blues", "Adverse Times"
Dana Lauren, It's You Or No One, "That Old Black Magic", "Isn't This A Lovely Day"
Lisa Hilton, Nuance, "Off Minor"

Set 3

Chris Colangelo, Elaine's Song, "The Ubiquitous One"
Leslie Lewis, Keeper of the Flame, "Day by Day", "You Don't Know What Love Is"
Ziggurat Quartet, Calculated Gestures, "Zigtuno"

Set 4

Mike Barone Big Band, Live 2005! Redux, "When You're Smiling", "How Deep is the Ocean"
Eric Reed & Cyrus Chestnut, Plenty Swing, Plenty Soul, "It Don't Mean a Thing"
Petre Epstein & Idee Fixe, Abstract Realism, "Dark to Light"
Dave Frank, Portrait of New York, "McKenna/McCoy"

Set 5

Chris Graham Trio, After-Birth of Cool, "Icarus"
Nathan Eklund Group, Coin Flip, "Front Lawn"
Randy Halberstadt, Flash Point, "Unspoken"
Richard Cole, Inner Mission, "Beautiful Love"

Set 6

Lynn Baker Quartet, Azure Intention, "Spinning"
Ketil Bjornstad, Remembrance, "Parts I, II, III"

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