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  • Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety: Peer Support and Suicide Prevention

    Pat Hardy, Clinical Manager, Rescue Incorporated, and Danielle Cisterino, Teen PEP, Project Director discuss the suicide prevention hotline "Lifeline"  1-800-273-TALK (8255) and the website which help give bullied young people tips on how to deal with the issues they may be facing. They also discuss techniques for creating healthy relationships with peers.

  • Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety: School Mandates

    This video features Rob Salem, UT Law School, who talks about the mandated bullying prohibition policies in the State of Ohio.  Where do victims of bullying stand within the law?  How is cyberbullying addressed by school administrators?  Find out more in this video.

  • Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety: Fostering Healthy Communitites

    Fostering Healthy Communities is a collaborative effort of Mercy, ProMedica and the University of Toledo Medical Center, and was created to address health needs in our community.  The CEOs of the three healthcare organizations explain why they've come together to address the issue of youth violence through the Preventing Bullying=Creating Safety initiative.

  • Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety: Toledo Public Schools

    At school, students come together from a variety of home experiences and diverse backgrounds, meeting people who may be very different from themselves. How young people interact in that environment can lead to positive and negative experiences.  How schools manage this interaction can be a challenge, yet many are trying new and innovative ways to break the cycle of bullying.

  • Views: 2 Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety: PEACE Project

    Peers are often the first witnesses to bullying incidents and can intervene in creative ways to foster togetherness and friendship.  The students at Sylvania Schools created the PEACE Project (Protecting Every Abused Child Everywhere) in order to help students in need of friendship, understanding and a helping hand.

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