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  • Every week, WGTE TV reaches over 400,000 viewers.1
  • 28% of the viewing audience in our region watches WGTE TV each week. That is the highest percentage in the state of Ohio.
  • PBS was rated educators’ favorite among all major television providers, on both cable and broadcast television. Educators also chose PBS as the top source of video in the classroom, putting PBS ahead of Discovery, the History Channel and Nickelodeon.4
  • PBS is again #1 in public trust, with 49% trusting PBS a great deal. Second in trust are “courts of law.”5
  • PBS again ranks second in tax value among 20 federally funded services and institutions, with 23% stating it an excellent value for their tax dollars. Military defense is again #1 in excellent value.5
  • Once again, Americans have stated that they are more satisfied with programs on PBS compared to cable and commercial broadcast. Thirty-eight percent stated they were “very satisfied” with PBS programs.5
  • PBS remains the network with the most trusted news and public affairs programs, with 41% trusting its programs a great deal.5
  • Four out of five Americans believe that the money given to PBS stations from government, corporations and individuals is money well spent.5

1 Source: Nielsen Station Index, May 2005
2 Source: PBS Station Audience Report, February 2005
4 Source: 2005 Educators Survey, Grunwald Associates
5 Source: 2005 Opinion Poll on PBS, Roper Public Affairs & Media