Support FM 91

FM 91 offers classical music, NPR news and programs, and a variety of entertaining and engaging programs through out the week. One area that many of our listeners appreciate and cannot easily get on other radio stations is classical music.

Classical music programs are an important component of FM 91 and needs support in order to keep the music playing. By supporting a classical music program for a year, members can be confident that the classical music will continue to air at that time.

A gift beginning at $5,000 can support programs such as Morning Classics, Afternoon Classics, and the evening concerts for a year.

When your business supports WGTE Public Media through underwriting on FM 91, not only do you contribute to the success of a valued community service, you also reach an exceptional listener with your business message. Who are these listeners? They are the region's most educated, affluent, and influential citizens.

Public radio audiences are much less likely to notice and give credibility to corporate communication delivered through traditional advertising, yet the public radio audience has a strong appreciation for corporations that sponsor public radio. Through program sponsorship, corporations can expand their messaging and branding to reach an audience that is difficult to reach through traditional advertising.1

The Right Demographic for your Business...

Weekly Audience
Every week, FM 91 is the choice of nearly 75,000 listener2 as a primary source of thorough and intelligent news coverage and the only source for classical music in the region.

Audience Age
The median age of the Public Radio audience is 44, with 66% between the ages of 25 and 54.1

58% of Public Radio listeners have graduated from college; 27% have received a post-graduate degree.1

69% of Public Radio listeners have household incomes greater than $50,000 and 48% of all listeners have household incomes greater than $75,000.1

64% of Public Radio listeners hold professional, executive, managerial or administrative positions.1

The Positive Impact of Underwriting on FM 91
FM 91 listeners are active, informed citizens. They have a high regard for the companies that underwrite public radio.

Positive Opinion of Underwriters
88% agree that "My opinion of a company is more positive when I find out that it supports public radio."3

80% agree that "When price and quality are equal, you prefer to buy products from companies that support public radio."3

1Source: MRI, Doublebase Profile 2005. Base: Adults 18+ who listen to an NPR station.
2Source: Arbitron Radio Ratings, Fall 2004
3Source: NPR Media Research 2003, Jacobs Media