WGTE's staff will work with your 501c3 organization to produce an appropriate WGTE TV and / or FM 91 announcement.  WGTE has final approval of all scripts, which must conform to Federal Communications Commission rules for public broadcasters and WGTE's policies. Generally, announcements must be produced by WGTE, not outside sources, to ensure a consistent sound.

Announcements cannot:

  • Promote products or services offered by for-profit entities
  • Express political messages or views of public importance, interest or controversy
  • Contain sectarian or religious content
  • Raise funds or make appeals


All announcements are followed by a station-read script noting that your announcement is a source of funding for WGTE TV or FM 91.

To preserve the public broadcasting character valued by our listeners and viewers and to provide a favorable environment for your announcement, WGTE limits the number of announcements in its schedule. 

To learn more about WGTE TV and FM 91 Nonprofit Announcements and Rates, please contact:

Chris Peiffer

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