Video Voices is a series of independently produced short films that air on WGTE, and are created and submitted by YOU!

Topics & Subjects: WGTE is looking for stories that reflect life in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Your video can be on any subject, but the closer it adheres to life in our region, the more TV viewers will be able to relate to and enjoy your story. Do you have a great story to tell that happened, or is happening, to you? Can you highlight the history of your town? Can you interview someone fascinating that lives in your area? Do you have a family member with a fascinating story? Don't forget to include supporting images for your story - not just talking heads. Make sure that you get written permission from everyone who speaks or appears in your video.

Length: Videos can be of any length that helps you tell your story best, however videos that are under 3 minutes will receive more airtime on WGTE, because that is about the maximum length of time between our TV shows. Video Voices stories will air between the TV shows on WGTE.

Sylvania Franciscan Year-Round Garden

Hunger isn't a seasonal problem.The Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio are doing something about it. The Sister have have worked together to create a polyhouse that will allow farmers to grow crops all year, even in Northwest Ohio.

Video Voices: Robinwood Concert House

In Toledo's Old West End neighborhood, a unique venue has been created where non-traditional music can be enjoyed and explored by the community.

Video Voices: Oscar Velasquez

You may not recognize him, but you'll recognize his work. Oscar Velasquez spends his summers atop a ladder painting landscapes and city scenes from years gone by. Through the decades, he has captured pieces of Americana and preserved them in murals throughout Northwest Ohio. What started out as a hobby in grade school has become a life long commitment. Oscar shares what inspires his paintings as well as the value of doing what you love.

Video Voices: Mandy Hindall

Braving Ohio winters, Mandy Hindall is a native Floridian and came north to attend Bowling Green State University where she received a Bachelor of Education degree. Mandy worked for a time at WSOS, but when her son was born, she began caring for children in her home and has done so for almost four years. Mandy is married to her high school sweetheart and lives in Fostoria.

Video Voices: Inetha Brown

Inetha Brown’s mother greatly influenced her daughter’s decision to become a family daycare provider by offering her encouragement and support and convincing her that she could make a difference in a child’s life. Born and raised in Bexley, West Virginia, Inetha has three grown children of her own. She planned her Toledo-based home daycare by considering how she would want it to be if she were still a child. “I set high expectations for all children,” she said.

Video Voices: Sister Mary Brenda Haynes

Sister May Brenda Haynes is the principal of Queen of Apostles school and shares her experience balancing the duties of administration and mentoring. Part of the Principal Story initiative.

Video Voices: Emilio Ramirez

As principal of Woodward High School in the Toledo Public School system, Emilio Ramirez understands that conflict resolution can be a tricky business, and advocates calm and deliberate management. Part of the Principal Story initiative.

Video Voices: Cheri Copeland-Shull

Cheri Copeland-Shull is the principal from Chrissey Elementary school in Springfield Township.  Her innovative programs to engage parents in the educational process have led to greater support of teachers in the classroom and student education.  Part of the Principal Story initiative.

Video Voices: Olga Boone

Olga Boone, at 100 years of age, continues to pursue her amazing career of dance and creativity.  She shares her memories of growing up, and the people and events that have inspired her.

Video Voices: Asian Resource Center

Me-Len-Koh, Executive Director of the Toledo Asian Resource Center explains how the seniors at the center began a journey of self-discovery and socialization through Tai Chi and hands-on activities.

Video Voices: Ellen Bonar Wilt

Ellen Bonar Wilt, age 88, discusses her artwork and how creativity and inspiration changes over time.  She shares her thoughts about art, imagination and longevity.  Much of her artwork in progress is featured.

Video Voices: Wilma Brown

WGTE is proud to present Through Toledo's Eyes – the stories of Toledoans remembering the Civil Rights Era history of the Dorr Street neighborhood.

Video Voices: Reverend Robert A. Culp

WGTE is proud to present Through Toledo's Eyes – the stories of Toledoans remembering the Civil Rights Era history of the Dorr Street neighborhood.

Video Voices: Gwendolyn Ellis

WGTE is proud to present Through Toledo's Eyes – the stories of Toledoans remembering the Civil Rights Era history of the Dorr Street neighborhood.

Video Voices: Edrene Cole

WGTE interviewed the late Endrene Cole about her experiences in the struggle for Civil Rights in America.  She witnessed the riots in Watts and the unrest in Toledo in the 1960s, and shares her memories about the Dorr Street neighborhood before and after the Urban Renewal program that removed this historic neighborhood from existence.

Video Voices: Betty Amison

WGTE is proud to present Through Toledo's Eyes – the stories of Toledoans remembering the Civil Rights Era history of the Dorr Street neighborhood.

Video Voices: Kenneth T Crothers

Kenneth is an Ohio native that shares his experiences as a member of the Army Air Corps during World War II. Even though he experienced much hardship, his message is one that stresses the lessons he learned about people working together to make the world a better place.

Video Voices: Debbie Arbogast

What is your reaction when you see a disabled person? Do you see someone who would make a good friend, or do you hesitate and look the other way? People with disabilities are capable, educated and reliable. Debbie explains what her daily life is like, and how her confidence is derived from family ties and inner strength.

Video Voices: Carlos Cordova

The Veteran's History Project has been collecting the personal stories of World War II veterans in our region so that a rich, vibrant and personal history can be compiled for future generations. Carlos Cardova shared his experiences about D-Day and hardships he faced, met, and conquered.

Video Voices: Brian Fitch

The Ability Center of Northwest Ohio brings the issues of the local disability community to the forefront. In conjunction with the University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film and the Disability Studies Program, they hosted a preview event where we screened compelling videos of disabled people in our area. Brian Fitch was one of those people featured.

Video Voices: Bessie M Mack

Every three minutes, a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer, and when it strikes, the disease drastically alters their lives and those around them. Bessie explains what her own experience with breast cancer has been like, and how the disease has affected her mother and two sisters. She is committed to fighting for a cure through research, education and treatment.

Video Voices: Becky Schindler

Becky shares her experiences of diagnosis and survival of breast cancer.  She relates the importance of early intervention and being your own strongest advocate for care.

Video Voices: Alicia Pangrac

The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk is held at Levis Commons, in Perrysburg, Ohio, each year. It is a noncompetitive walk to help fight breast cancer and provide hope to people facing the disease. Alicia is one of the participants and stresses that early detection is key, and her experiences remind us all that even young women are vulnerable.