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  • Views: 1111 Disaster: Are We Prepared?

    Familiarizes citizens with the different types of hazards they face, so they can learn how to protect themselves and find out how our public and private organizations prepare for natural disasters, chemical spills, terrorism and biological events.

    Presented in conjunction with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, the local Metropolitan Medical Response System, the University of Toledo Health Sciences Campus and Owens Community College, this original WGTE production explores in-depth the question: "What can I do in case of an actual emergency?"

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  • Views: 988 Called to Duty -

    This story chronicles the Toledo Fire Department from its inception in 1837 until the present day. Told primarily by firefighters and narrated by Jerry Anderson, the film features historic pictures, video and audio never before seen on television. Learn about technological advances, training, tactics and day-to-day life in a fire station.

  • Views: 1171 WGTE Town Hall: Leading in Literacy -

    Bill Harris hosted this live program that examines one of the most pressing issues facing our community - the problem of low literacy rates among preschool aged children. Children entering school with high literacy skills are "ready to learn" and move to the head of the class. Children with weak reading skills begin school at a disadvantage, a gap that may grow wider as their educational experiece proceeds. How can we break the cycle?


  • Views: 760 Adoption: Home, Heart and Hope -

    Meet parents who adopted children with the assistance of the national organization Adopt America Network, based in Toledo, Ohio. Adopted children put into words what it feels like to finally belong to a real family. Their stories are heartfelt and inspiring.

  • Views: 536 Cherry Street's Mission -

    Rescue.  Restore.  Release. 

    These words, along with a strong spiritual grounding, comprise the very core of the Cherry Street Mission Ministries. Even after 65 years, they continue to embrace everyone who has come in need: rescuing them from the streets, restoring their dignity, and releasing them back into the world better equipped than ever.  No one is turned away.

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  • Views: 809 Kids in Crisis -

    Explores the problems that youth and their families face in America today. This compelling story is told through the eyes of those facing challenges and the professionals who have dedicated themselves to helping others overcome obstacles. The documentary follows the evolution of the Connecting Point organization in Toledo, Ohio, and their innovative programs.

  • Views: 1048 STEM Education: Critical Partnerships for the 21st Century

    Television Town Hall Program and Community Webinar

    Our region's next generation needs to be prepared to live and work in a world where an understanding of science and technology can make the difference between success and failure.  A local commitment to increase the focus on STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) will make today's students more globally competitive as working adults, and Northwest Ohio will thrive.  WGTE Public media, WBGU TV27, UT3, Ohio STEM Learning Network and the National Governors Association, present a special televised Town Hall on Thursday, May 13 at 8:00 p.m. 

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  • Views: 648 Toledo Mud Hens: 2006 Governor's Cup Championship -

    Mud Hen's Ball Club players and coaches speak candidly about the thrilling 2006 championship season. Hear their stories, get a behind-the-scenes look at the team's triumphs and heartbreaks and relive the amazing plays that won the championship. Great game footage, extensive interviews and an insider's look at this Toledo tradition all add up to a don't-miss show. Celebrate this region's "hometown team" and see how they won the Governor's Cup for a second record time!

  • Views: 1670 WGTE Town Hall: Families Facing the Mortgage Crisis -

    Bill Harris hosted this live, one-hour special that connects parents with local resources to help them better communicate with their children on the current financial situation including the mortgage crisis. Topics included losing a job and/or home; feelings of insecurity; the concept of want versus need; language and approach for differing age groups; need for security; and much more.

    Panelists included Mike King, Consumer Credit Counseling Service; Eric Young, Harbor; and Kristi Hannan, Lucas County Help Me Grow.

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  • Views: 2246 WGTE Town Hall: Facing the Mortgage Crisis -

    WGTE Public Media presented this live Town Hall hosted by Bill Harris.  This one-hour television special connected people facing mortgage foreclosure to the local organizations that can help them stay in their homes.

    Panelists and mortgage specialists, including Richard Alston, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality; Mike King, Consumer Credit Counseling Service; Pam Mayer, Neighborhood Housing Service; T. Mari Taoka, Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge; and Keith Foster, Fair Housing Center answered questions during this live broadcast.

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