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    This story updates the current environmental state of the Maumee River with discussion on the today's health of this important Great Lakes watershed. This program was born from a respect for, and a desire to update the decades-old original film 'Fate of a River' that spurred public interest in saving our Northwest Ohio water resources.

  • Views: 1421 Fate of a River: Apathy or Action -

    In 1965, the Junior League of Toledo produced this film depicting foaming detergents, raw sewage, industrial discharges, gasping fish and algae-laden streams in the Maumee River Watershed. This film helped citizens throughout Northwest Ohio recognize that their actions were negatively affecting local waterways and proposed actions they could take to clean up the environment.

  • Views: 1558 Indus River: Journey of a Lifetime -

    Retired Toledo surgeon and noted newspaper columnist, Dr. S. Amjad Hussain, his sons and friends, undertook a series of journeys to the Indus, culminating with an expedition to locate its source high in the Himalayas.

    Join Dr. Hussain and "Team Indus" and experience the incredible mountain vistas and scenic beauty of the Indus, from the mountains to the Arabian Sea.

  • Views: 1429 Metroparks of the Toledo Area -

    The development and preservation of Northwest Ohio's eight park system is detailed. Relive the history of the parks' creation and find out what each park offers in the way of beauty and recreation. Side Cut, Farnsworth/Bend View, Providence, Oak Openings, Swan Creek, Wildwood, Pearson and Secor Metroparks are profiled.

  • Views: 981 Oak Openings: Discovering Our Natural Heritage -

    See why the Oak Openings Preserve is truly unique and worthy of preservation. From its' history as a glacial lake shore, to the challenges that commercial and residential development pose in today's world: the Oak Openings Region is one of the world's last remaining unique environments.

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  • Views: 565 WGTE Town Hall: Swan Creek Watershed -

    WGTE, with the support of WPSU - Penn State Public Broadcasting, explores how local officials are working towards cooperative ways to balance civic and environmental needs in regards to how we manage the Swan Creek Watershed. Bill Harris hosts this in-depth discussion.  Taped February 2009.