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  • Views: 661 Gift of Life: The Jobst Story -

    Conrad Jobst, a German immigrant, mechanical engineer and entrepreneur who made Toledo his home in 1913, suffered from vascular disease. Using his expertise, he designed custom made elastic stockings that dramatically improved his condition along with countless others. Upon his death in 1957, his wife Caroline became president of their company which became the largest manufacturer of equipment designed for those afflicted with poor venous circulation.

    Before her death in 1993, Caroline Jobst established an endowment fund for the creation of the Jobst Vascular Center at the Toledo Hospital and the Conrad Jobst Vascular Research Laboratories at the University of Michigan. In 2010, a $2 million grant from the Jobst Foundation transformed the Center into the Jobst Vascular Institute whose staff professionals dedicate themselves to the advancement of vascular treatment and techniques. Join WGTE as we retrace the history of the Jobst family legacy and the state of the art institute that has brought the gift of medical promise, hope and life to millions.

  • Views: 718 WGTE Town Hall: Legacy of Hope: Cancer Clinical Trials -

    Taped before a live studio audience and hosted by Amy Ashcroft, Legacy of Hope profiles the Toledo Community Hospital Oncology program's efforts to increase public awareness regarding the importance of clinical trails in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Viewers are invited to call in during the broadcast with questions or to request free information.

  • Views: 595 WGTE Town Hall: Critical Condition -

    WGTE presents a Town Hall with local experts, physicians and people who are personally experiencing the health care crisis in their own lives.  By raising awareness of the local problem, we hope to encourage more citizens to ask the hard  Who are the people in our area who are hardest hit by the lack of affordable healthcare?  Where can those in need go for help? How can you take responsbility for your own health?  Hosted by Rhonda Sewell, from the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.

  • Views: 918 WGTE Town Hall: Depression -

    This WGTE interactive Town Hall to examines the impact of depression on those with the disease, their families and the community at large. A panel of local experts offered information, direction and answered questions from the studio audience and viewers.

    This program is followed by an interactive online webinar discussion.

  • Views: 478 WGTE Town Hall: Low Birth Weight Crisis -

    Bill Harris hosts this important Town Hall, call-in event, originally broadcast on Thursday, November 4th at 8:00 p.m. The program explores how in Lucas County there are huge disparities in birth weight outcomes based on where a mother lives. Suburban newborn weights are within healthy ranges; however mothers in Toledo's inner-city neighborhoods have increased rates of low birth weight births. These babies are at higher risk for physical and developmental problems.

    Viewers participated in the discussion by calling 1-866-380-4664, via email at or by texting WGTEPublic with your message to 41411 during the program.  You can still participate by emailing the above or making a comment.

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