• Plug In to a New Way of Looking at Science & Technology

    Students and science connect for Plugged-In, a monthly series that explores the latest innovations in technology and research in our region. University of Toledo student reporters, along with hosts Jennifer Mondelli and Shaun McDonald, provide an in-depth look at developments in the fields of medicine, energy, engineering, astronomy and more! 

  • Get Plugged-In to Engineering

    From building bridges to designing the next breakthrough chemical molecular structure, engineering puts our modern world together.

  • Get Plugged-In to Alternative Energy

    Our energy future will be determined by a multi-task approach to power the way we live our lives and travel.

  • Get Plugged-In to Medicine

    Our lives are in the hands of trained medical professionals and the advanced technologies they employ to keep us healthy.

  • Get Plugged-In to new Discoveries

    From the very large to the infinitely small, scientists are discovering new aspects of the universe and sharing them with Plugged-In.

  • Get Plugged-In to the Environment

    Our relationship with the Earth is complicated.  How we can better manage our resources will determine the future of life on the planet.

  • Get Plugged-In to Communication

    Explore the many ways we communicate with each other, from the latest in techno-devices to evolutionary behaviors and instincts.

  • Get Plugged-In to Business Technology

    Business is about commerce, but also a discipline of relationships, technology, strategic thinking and risk management.