Plugged-In 101

  • Views: 464 Fueling Our Future

    Whether you are looking to save the planet from greenhouse gases or just looking to save money at the pump, there are many reasons to shed reliance on fossil fuels.  One way is to invest in the manufacture of Bio Fuels.  Roquel Cunningham explores the future of ethanol manufacturing.  Can it be a real alternative source of energy?  What other non-food-producing plant material can be used instead of food produce? Academic and business experts weigh in.

  • Views: 390 Which Side Are You On?

    Is it the new palm reading?  Or a new way of mapping how the brain works?  If one is strongly right handed – or strongly left handed – or “mixed” handed, it could say a lot about how you view, and interpret your world.  Dr. Stephen Christman explains that his research has led him to believe that mixed-handed people may have more interaction between the hemispheres of their brain, and that may lead to better memory retention.

  • Views: 489 In Search of GPS

    How has GPS changed our lives?  How does it work?  Using the Geographic Information Science Center, we’ll explore the satellite system that keeps the matrix running using computer graphics; we’ll look into the ways that mapping, meteorology, civic planning, environmental research, traffic pattern management and even our own driving skills are all getting a jumpstart from the technology. Featuring Kevin Czajkowski from the GIS Department at the University of Toledo.

    A Studio Follow-up Discussion about GPS:

    Jennifer Mondelli interviews a member of the Northwest Ohio Geocachers, Jennifer Miller, about this activity that is growing in popularity.

  • Views: 470 Making Virtual Reality A Reality

    VR goes useful.  The application of Virtual Reality in video gaming is well-known, but how can VR be used to teach?  The team at the Center for Creative Instruction and the University of Toledo Medical Center are exploring how 3D graphics, database design, big servers, artificial intelligence and some cool software merge to create exciting learning environments. 

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