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  • Views: 127 Deadline NOW: Marie Donigan and Megan Owens

    March 28, 2008

    Michigan State Representative Marie Donigan (D-Royal Oak) is an advocate for mass transit. Megan Owens is the Executive Director of Transportation Riders United (TRU). Host Jack Lessenberry sits down with Donigan and Owens to discuss a variety of mass transit issues.

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  • Views: 111 Deadline NOW: Barbara A. Mann, Ph.D.

    March 21, 2008

    Barbara A. Mann is a member of the Native American Alliance of Ohio. She is also a Lecturer in the English Department at the University of Toledo, specializing in Native American Studies and Post-colonial thought and the author of several books, including George Washington's War on Native America, 1779-1782 (2005) and Daughters of Mother Earth (2006).

  • Views: 133 Deadline NOW: Melissa Miller

    February 15, 2008

    Dr. Melissa Miller, assistant professor of political science at Bowling Green State University, discusses her study of the gender gap in political knowledge.

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  • Views: 121 Deadline NOW: Politics

    February 8, 2008

    Ron Rothenbuhler, chair of the Lucas County Democratic Party, and Robert F. Reichert, chair of the Lucas County Republican Party, join host Jack Lessenberry for a conversation about politics, including Ohio's upcoming primary.

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  • Views: 166 Deadline NOW: Ohio Historical Society

    Original Broadcast Date: February 1, 2008
    Dr. William K. Laidlaw, Executive Director of the Ohio Historical Society, and Dr. Richard Ruppert, president of the Society, discuss the organization's proposal to turn certain properties over to local communities, as well as other Society news and events.

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  • Views: 99 Deadline NOW: The Center for Michigan

    January 23, 2008

    Phil Power, founder and creator of The Center for Michigan, explains how his "think and do tank" is working to assist Michigan through current economic troubles, as well as develop policy solutions to transform the state's business, economic, political and cultural climate.

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  • Views: 111 Deadline NOW: Great Lakes

    January 18, 2008

    James Clift, Policy Director for the Michigan Environmental Council, and Ken Kilbert, Director of the Legal Institute of the Great Lakes at the University of Toledo, discuss issues relating to the Great Lakes, including international and interstate agreements regarding the management and protection of Great Lakes freshwater resources.

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  • Views: 104 Deadline NOW: U.S. Congressman Bob Latta

    January 11, 2008

    Newly-elected Congressman Bob Latta, representing Ohio's Fifth Congressional district, sits down with host Jack Lessenberry for an in-depth conversation. On the Web:

  • Views: 106 Deadline NOW: Housing Crisis

    January 4, 2008

    Guests Al Green, President of the Toledo Board of Realtors, and David Seeger, President and CEO of Great Lakes Credit Union, discuss the current crisis in the housing market and what it means in our region and nationally.

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