Plugged-In 102

  • Views: 407 Forensic Fact and Fiction: The Reality of Forensic Investigation

    Law enforcement meets medical science in order to solve crimes through the collection, preservation and analysis of physical evidence.  UT is a recognized leader in the field of Criminal Justice and the UTMC campus area is home to to Lucas County Coroner offices.  Featuring DNA and blood evidence, fingerprinting, bone identification, fiber and even sound analysis.  Breanne Democko gets to the facts behind forensics with the people who uncover the evidence every day.

  • Views: 819 Thinking Global and Buying Local: Eco-Friendly Products

    When we buy local, we rein in the effects each of us has on our environment, especially when those local products are also bio-based green products. We visit with Rebecca Singer, Assistant Director of the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) and Program Coordinator for the Northwest Ohio Green Products Center.  A business perspective is enhanced by with Dr. Kevin J. Egan, Assistant Professor of Economics at UT as he explains the environmental impact of green purchase power.  David Davis goes in search of the story and some good shopping.

  • Views: 476 Never Ending Chain of Love: Altruistic Kidney Donation

    Reporter Mariana Joy speaks in-depth with a nationally-recognized leader in the field of kidney donation surgery: Dr. Michael Rees.  An explanation of the work of the Alliance for Paired Donation and the Human Donation Science Program at the University of Toledo Medical Center.  Science of the surgery, science of the computer models that match members of donor pairs and create a chain for donation. 

  • Views: 752 Fish Infirmary: Keeping Lake Erie Inhabitants Healthy

    The Great Lakes region and the various river watersheds that feed it, is the largest freshwater system on the planet.  We will go into the wild and explore a genetic mystery.  How did a European strain of fish virus mutate in order to affect the fish in Lake Erie?  Features Dr. Carol Stepien, Director of Lake Erie Research Center, and Plugged-In host, Jennifer Mondelli.

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