Plugged-In 104

  • Views: 438 Creating the 3rd Dimension: How 3-D really Works

    A look at a couple of technologies, one at UT Dept of Engineering where 3-D models are being built and presented through the innovative efforts of students. Also, Regional Growth Partnership is working with a start-up called Tech Tol that has a 3-D chamber to create computer models.  The chamber has 15 camera and photographs subject, person or thing, from all angles.  A software element then knits those together as a life-like seamless 3-D computer image.  Homeland security has interest for identifying people.

  • Views: 453 Green-Collar Economy: Jobs that move technology out of the lab and onto the rooftop

    We explore solar panel installation as a new ‘green-collar’ career. Also, how technology is taken from idea stage to marketable product - featuring Al Compaan on PhotoVoltaics;  Xunming Deng and Matt Longthorne at Xunlight Corp.   We focus on the installation and assess ease of the technology for home utility.

  • Views: 501 Hearing, With Help : The technology behind Cochlear Implants

    The science and technology that brings hearing to people without that ability is explored through a surgically implanted, electronic device – the cochlear implant.  We interview and show actual patients, and explore their experiences.    Interviews include those from Health Sciences and Human Services, with input from the Disability Studies Center.  Interviews with Lori A. Pakulski, young people with implants and the Cleveland Clinic.

  • Views: 509 Cutting Edge-ucation: Educational technology meets medicine and the marketplace

    Multimedia learning at its very best is practiced and invented at the Center for Creative Instruction at UTMC.  Software engineers, designers and faculty create amazing ways of teaching through technology.  The Anatomy Revealed project is our subject to explore the range of ways CCI  can bring a topic to life!  Designers from CCI and anatomists talk about the axis where medicine, technology and product development meet. 

  • Views: 506 Cochlear Implant | Web Extra

    Watch Plugged In Reporter Mariana Joy's complete interview with Cail and Lesha Lininger about living life with a Cochlear Implant.

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