Plugged-In 105

  • Views: 309 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

    Men and women have different physical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, yet both sexes like to participate in the same sports and recreational activities. What are the differences in short term strength vs long term endurance? Are there specific activities that give one gender an edge over the other? Roquel Cunningham investigates the science of gender and sport in the new Savage Hall Arena at the University of Toledo.

  • Views: 500 As Seen on TV

    TV violence, film indecency and rock n' roll radio have all been targeted as culprits in the encouragment of anti-social behavior in America’s children. How much exposure does it take to influence behavior? Are there genetic or personality indicators that give some individuals a propensity to influence? How do video games fit into the mix? Amanda Patton looks for facts in the midst of the debate.

  • Views: 327 Stop the Bleeding

    When blood vessels become weak or damaged, they become porous and leak – flooding surrounding tissue and putting a person’s life in jeopardy. Scientists at the University of Toledo have developed a new liquid compound polyethylene glycol (PEG) – modified albumin, and are working to get it into the hands of doctors all over the world. Katie Colosimo discovers the benefits of this new development in medicine.

  • Views: 433 This Little Product Went to Market

    America is waking up to the fact that our transportation infrastructure is the key to a bright economic future. Airports, Shipping Channels, Federal Highways, Rail Facilities – when all of these forms of transport work together to get products to and from where they need to go - this is Intermodal Transportation. Intermodal links and hubs are unique benefits of NWOhio. Shaun McDonald hitches a ride to explore the science of transport.

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