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  • Views: 1070 Drop of Life: Taking Water Purification to the Third World

    Water Purification is needed in Third World nations and in the developed world during disasters and emergencies to insure the flow of healthy H20 for the public. Research at the College of Engineering at UT includes studies done by students. What is the science of purification – and the positive consequences for the world? UT Engineering students (Engineers Without Borders) are working hard to bring fresh drinking water to an Honduran Village "Los Sanchez" population 180.

  • Views: 421 Paint By Numbers: How Art is Used to Increase Understanding of Math and Science

     Much has been reported on how art enhances creativity, but far less is said about how art encourages cognition, critical thinking, and mathmatics. Today, arts programs are being reduced or even eliminated from classrooms to accommodate more didactic teaching methods. Is this the wrong move at the very time we may need art the most in American education? Melissa Chi investigates

  • Views: 513 It's Alive! Artificial Intelligence and Teaching Computers to Think

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the area of computer science focusing on creating machines that can engage in behaviors that humans consider familiar and intelligent, machines that perceive their environment and take actions which maximize their own chances of success. This raises philosophical issues about the nature of the mind and limits of science. Interviews: Dr. Gursel Serpen, UT Electrical Engineering & Computer Science speaks with Reporter Breanne DeMocko

  • Views: 555 E-cycling: Thinking Green When Electronic Devices Go Out of Date

    The next level of recycling. Not just cans and newspaper. How about technological devices like computers? Copiers? Old Televisions? Cell phones? Reusing these complex materials takes a lot of effort. Can cost effectiveness meet environmental concerns for a cleaner planet? Clyde Hogan speaks with Jeremy Sterling, UT Recycling Coordinator, and other community recycling businesses.

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