Plugged-In 107

  • Views: 401 Seeing is Believing: How Powerful Microscopes and Telescopes Reveal Reality

    From telescopes to microscopes, Jennifer Mondelli examines the tools that allow us to examine our environment. Visit the Ritter Observatory and see how the telescope looks at large objects at a long distances, and then discover how electron microscopes are used to look at molecular structures.

    Jennifer then discusses the lab with Dr. Joseph Lawrence, Instrumentation Analyst, at the UT College of Engineering.

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  • Views: 420 Naturally Warm: Using Geothermal Power to Heat Buildings

    GeoThermal Power is derived from harnessing the warmth of the Earth itself to heat buildings, or to cool buildings, depending on the time of year, especially in temperate climates, and has been used since ancient times. Wesley Mathern gives us a scientific explaination of how it all works and walks us through the process of installing a Geothermal Heating and Cooling system.

  • Views: 309 Beating the Market: The Science of Economic Prediction

    Dr. Andrew Solocha, Associate Professor of Finance, UT College of Business Administration explains how financial markets work and what are the methods of prediction and analysis? Now, more than ever, people want to find out the basics of world finance, to separate wild speculation from solid analysis. Erica Baker reports.

  • Views: 438 Lives Revitalized: Treatments for Parkinson's


    Parkinson's disease is a chronic movement disorder that effects nearly one million people in the US. The disease can cause slowness of movement, tremors and loss of balance and progressively worsens over time. Doctors and researchers in the University of Toledo's Department of Neurology are helping improve the lives of patients with Parkinson's disease. Katie Colosimo reports.

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