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  • Views: 530 Green Goes Green: Alternative energy sources turn greenhouses eco-friendly

    Midwestern growers are creating a local network of grower businesses, buyers and sellers that make locally grown plants viable and affordable. They are also concentrating their energy on energy savings for the environment, and to bring down their reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Views: 502 Breeding Invaders: Pollution spawns unwelcome guests in the Great Lakes


    The University of Toledo Enviromental Group is well respected and very busy. There are many fronts of research in which they are engaged, including invasive species and the fall-out of this invasion on all other systems. Shaun McDonald investigates.

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  • Views: 1285 Hydrogen Gets Hot: Could fuel cell cars be the next big thing?

    Fossil fuels are known hazards to our environment and they are not sustainable. One possible front-runner for the car of the future is the Hydrogen Fuel Cell car. How is hydrogen used as a fuel? How do we make and find hydrogen? How can drivers fuel up with the H-fuel cell? Melissa Chi looks under the hood.

  • Views: 502 Technically Accurate: Innovation in archeology redefines history

    Archeology is going high tech! Recent digs, especially in the area of the Battle of Fallen Timbers are turning up some surprising results. Historian and Archeologist Dr. Michael Pratt discuss local digs and the Metroparks of the Toledo Area showcase some of the recent finds.

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