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  • Views: 494 Taking the LEED: Integrating energy conservation into construction

    What is L.E.E.D. certification?  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. (L.E.E.D.) Green Building Rating System is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. esley Mathern consults with experts in the future of green design and technology.

  • Views: 525 High Tech Teachers: How technology is reinvigorating the classroom experience

    What are the new ways teachers are integrating technology into the classroom, and how are they learning to do this through courses in multimedia and web design, video production, web-based instruction and person-to-person communication and instruction?  Kelsey Sczesny goes back to school to find out from teachers and educational technology developers about the latest techniques and equipment.


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  • Views: 821 Critical Mass: Is biomass the answer to our energy needs?

    The burning of fossil fuels is currently the way we make most of our electricity, but the extraction of these materials can be costly and their supply is limited.  Plant cellulose is the most abundant biological material on Earth; is there a way we can harness this biomass material to fulfill our energy needs?  What plants are the most likely providers of energy?  How is the burning of this material less harmful than traditional fossil fuels?  Erica Baker gets some burning questions answered.

  • Views: 436 Virtually Connected: Social networking is transforming they way we communicate

    Blogs, Facebook, Twitter – are all changing the way that people and organizations communicate messages to each other – in short putting power into the hands of the people.  What are the positive effects on communication and the negative effects on verified facts?  Amanda Patton gets online for some answers to what people are doing today, and how it will affect communication tomorrow.

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