Plugged-In 110

  • Views: 526 Car Makers of Tomorrow

    The Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE has student groups at colleges and universities around the globe that build formula one style race cars for competition. The University of Toledo's team Rocket Motorsports is ranked 12th in the world. Plugged-In reporter Kelsey Sczesny goes on location to Michigan International Speedway.

  • Views: 563 Future at Risk: Endangered Species

    How do we determine when a species becomes endangered? What is the difference between endangered and threatened, and what is being done to protect plants, animal and insects like the rare Karner Blue Butterfly? Amanda Patton explores the ecosystem of the Oak Savannah to investigate.

  • Views: 545 Too Tiny to See

    Clyde Hogan and David Mette explain a basic understanding of nanotechnology and a sense of scale in the nanoworld. Discover real world applications in product development and medical technology.

  • Views: 710 Keeping Tabs

    Supply chain management is all about KNOWING. Where things are. How many do you have. How many do you need? When do you need them? This tracking technology is now being used in the healthcare industry to insure quality care. Katie Colosimo examines healthcare's new front on infection.

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