Plugged-In 111

  • Views: 492 Blowing in the Wind

    The Great Lakes may provide a more reliably windy surface than the less-than-flat landmasses far from the lakeshores.  Erica Baker reports on the work of scientists with designs on tapping into the wind power offshore.

  • Views: 389 Shaping Speech

    Speech Language Pathologists employ a number of scientific disciplines in order to diagnose and treat the problems that people struggle with in symantics and physical form.  Jennifer Mondelli investigates speech and physical disorders that manifest themselves in the way we communicate, and the ways that experts are treating them.

  • Views: 491 The Complete Picture

    Medical professionals are using connective technologies to bring the images of MRI's, X-rays and CT Scans together for better and clearer images.  Doctors can now see irregularities that were once overlooked.  David Mette explores medical imaging 2.0

  • Views: 518 Little Creatures/Big Clues: Using Ants to Assess Climate Change

    We take the presence of ants for granted.  Yet their numbers, diversity and behavior are sending us clues about the changing environment - but are we paying attention?  Wesley Mathern peers in the miniature world of our fascinating insect neighbors.

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