Plugged-In 112

  • Views: 513 Organically Designed: Green fashions and safe products

    Kyle Smitley, is a UT college student concerned about the environment, and she is also an entrepreneur who has designed her own line of organic clothing for children, called Barley & Birch.  Katie Colosimo explores what organic means, from the cotton grown on the farm to the dyes used in the manufacturing process, and then visits an eco-friendly retail store.

  • Views: 485 Bridging the Gap: Integrating studies in the sciences and humanities

    The Sciences and the Humanities are both concerned with the study of change, but each looks at the world in different ways and for different reasons.  The Humanities Institute at the University of Toledo is pioneering ways that the disciplines can integrate studies so that students, and faculty, can develop a more comprehensive view of the world we live in.  Shaun McDonald reveals how each relies on the other for a well-rounded education.

  • Views: 460 Prescription for Safety: Testing medications for better results

    Before any medicine shows up on the shelf at your local pharmacy, it must undergo a series of tests before it receives approval from the FDA.   Amanda Patton finds out how drug compounds are developed in the lab, how drug trials are conducted for safety and side effects, and asks ‘who is paying for all of this? And do they have an agenda?

  • Views: 445 New Media Masterpieces: Using computers to create art

    Chances are, when you think of artists, you might think of more traditional mediums, such as painting or sculpture.  But, art and artists are continuing to evolve.  New technologies are becoming new tools in the artist’s creative process.  Wesley Mathern discovers the intersecting lines of computers and creativity in New Media.

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