Plugged-In 201

  • Views: 488 On the Green Fast Track: Recycling at the Speedway

    The Michigan International Speedway shows off a new facility made of recycled materials, solar panels, water conservation and a big recycling program for the tons of cans and bottles that crowds leave behind after every race.  University of Toledo’s  Chuck Lehnert VP for Facilities & Construction gives us perspective on corporate America’s green scene.

  • Views: 668 Stop The Bleeding: Avoiding Blood Vessel Leakage During Trauma

    When blood vessels become weak or are put under trauma, they become porous and blood cells leak out – flooding surrounding tissue and putting a person’s life in jeopardy.  Faculty at the University of Toledo have developed a new liquid compound polyethylene glycol (PEG) – modified albumin.  Dr. Joseph Shapiro, Dr. Regheb Assaly, and Dr. J. David Dignam developed this medical breakthrough and are licensing its use through ADS Biotechnology.  Dr. Jeffrey Gold, provost, UT College of Medicine, talks about the process taking a drug from lab to the pharmacy shelf.

  • Views: 410 Breaking the Mold: Advanced Ceramics Offer More Strength

    Dr. Sarit Bhaduri, from the UT College of Engineering, is our guide to developments in advanced ceramics.  This age-old material holds the key to nearly unbreakable machine parts, coatings for the manufacture of electrodes and sensors, as well as bio-medical uses for bone reconstruction.  Dr. Margaret Carney, Curator of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes, fills us in on traditional ceramics in art and history.

  • Views: 534 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Gender and the science of sport

    Men and women have different physical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, yet both sexes like to participate in the same sports and recreational activities.  What are the differences in short term strength vs long term endurance? Are there specific activities that give one gender an edge over the other in certain activities?  Student Carmen Quatman is working on a unique project that tries to get at the heart of why female athletes get certain injuries. 

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