Plugged-In 202

  • Views: 482 Hybrid and Hydro: Hydraulic Technology to Enhance Hybrid Vehicles

    Hydraulics are being applied to making cars and trucks more efficient.  Jasmine Neilson talks with US Representative Marcy Kaptur and scientists from the UT College of Engineering, and then takes a ride in a new hydraulic vehicle with the UPS delivery service.

  • Views: 420 Naturally Warm: Using Geothermal Power to Heat Buildings

    GeoThermal Power is derived from harnessing the warmth of the Earth itself to heat buildings, or to cool buildings, depending on the time of year, especially in temperate climates, and has been used since ancient times. Wesley Mathern gives us a scientific explaination of how it all works and walks us through the process of installing a Geothermal Heating and Cooling system.

  • Views: 340 Making Green with Green

    The process of taking a green product from the idea phase to the store shelf has many stops along the way.  David Mette follows the development of organic dinnerware from EcoLogic as they test safety with the UT College of Engineering  and create a business plan with the UT College of Business.

  • Views: 492 Blowing in the Wind

    The Great Lakes may provide a more reliably windy surface than the less-than-flat landmasses far from the lakeshores.  Erica Baker reports on the work of scientists with designs on tapping into the wind power offshore.

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