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  • Views: 576 Educational Alternatives

    University of Toledo College of Education is managing a program to instruct science teachers in public schools about alternative energy.  Research shows that a future economy and manufacturing will be based more on alternative energy and less on auto manufacturing.  

  • Views: 283 A Sensitive Skyway

    Most of the civil infrastructure of America is half a century old, and memories of the actual building of the Interstate Highway System have faded away. Are we doomed to a nationwide crumble? How are today’s roads and bridges designed to last for the next 65 years? 100? 200? Plugged-In reporter, David Davis, explores the largest transportation project in the history of Ohio - the Veteran’s Glass City Skyway Bridge - from construction design to a view from the top.

  • Views: 276 Shaping Reality

    VR goes useful.  The application of Virtual Reality in video gaming is well-known, but how can VR be used to teach?  The team at the Center for Creative Instruction and the University of Toledo Medical Center are exploring how 3D graphics, database design, big servers, artificial intelligence and some cool software merge to create exciting learning environments.

  • Views: 370 Heavy Burden

    Pediatrician Joan Griffith wrote a paper when at Harvard, and continues her research at UTMC, about the factors that lead to obesity in kids today.   UTMC pre-doctoral fellow, Terry Hinds, is running a study with the National Institute of Health to study genetic factors of obesity

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