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  • Views: 426 Small Science; Big Impact

    Scientists are experimenting with the ‘third generation’ of solar energy, with print-screened, nano-sized dots on thin film materials; a process that may revolutionize our lives.  ‘Quantum’ dots can make any surface available for solar energy production, even the clothes we wear!

  • Views: 342 Drop of Life: Taking Water Purification to the Third World

    Water Purification is needed in Third World nations and in the developed world during disasters and emergencies to insure the flow of healthy H20 for the public.  Research at the College of Engineering at UT includes work done with ion beam irradiation and new filtering membranes. Students are also getting out of the lab and into the field to make a difference.  ‘Engineers without Borders’ is working hard to bring fresh drinking water to an Honduran Village “Los Sanchez.”

  • Views: 270 Beating the Market: The Science of Economic Prediction

    Students at the UT College of Business Administration are interested in the mysteries of how financial markets work.   What are the methods of prediction and analysis?  Now, more than ever, people want to find out the basics of world finance, to separate the wild speculation from helpful solid analysis.

  • Views: 587 Exercise Your Mind: Computers Enhance Cognitive Ability

    As we age, our brains have less cognitive ability, which can lead to other problems including emotional distress, family and financial challenges.  Researchers are devising computer simulation programs that can help increase and improve cognitive function amongst older adults.  Paired with physical activity, the simulations are showing remarkable results. 

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