Plugged-In 208

  • Views: 518 Little Creatures/Big Clues: Using Ants to Assess Climate Change

    We take the presence of ants for granted.  Yet their numbers, diversity and behavior are sending us clues about the changing environment - but are we paying attention?  Wesley Mathern peers in the miniature world of our fascinating insect neighbors.

  • Views: 264 It Can’t Hold a Candle to…Comparing the effectiveness of alternative forms of energy

    How much energy generation from coal, wind, or solar power does it take to power an appliance, a whole house, a town?  People hear about alternative energy all the time, but not the power-full    details. Can we gain the energy we need in a cost effective way, and save our environment at the same time?  Plugged-In meets people who are bringing new energy to the average home.

  • Views: 509 Cutting Edge-ucation: Educational technology meets medicine and the marketplace

    Multimedia learning at its very best is practiced and invented at the Center for Creative Instruction at UTMC.  Software engineers, designers and faculty create amazing ways of teaching through technology.  The Anatomy Revealed project is our subject to explore the range of ways CCI  can bring a topic to life!  Designers from CCI and anatomists talk about the axis where medicine, technology and product development meet. 

  • Views: 483 Global Perspective: Bringing innovative business practices into area businesses

    The Executive Center for Global Competitiveness (ECGC) is an outreach and engagement center at the University of Toledo's College of Business Administration. The ECGC brings a host of innovative practices, research and hands-on consulting to area businesses.  We visit SSOE, an engineering and architectural design and construction management firm in Toledo to see how they are partnering on innovations in process improvement.

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