Plugged-In 209

  • Views: 358 Autism Innovations

    Sherry Moyer from UT’s Center for Excellence in Autism discusses the need for early diagnosis to set young people on a strong treatment path for a better future as adults.  Not all young people are diagnosed early, however, and face special challenges.  An innovative new program called Agility Angels, pairs up canines and young people with Autism for dog training experiences.  The teens build confidence and learn how to interact on a higher level of engagement.

  • Views: 173 Virtually Connected

    Blogs, Facebook, Twitter – are all changing the way that people and organizations communicate messages to each other – in short putting power into the hands of the people.  What are the positive effects on communication and the negative effects on verified facts?

  • Views: 222 Paint By Numbers

    Arts programs are being reduced or even eliminated from classrooms to accommodate more science and technology.  Is this the wrong move at the very time we may need art the most in American education?  Instructors and researchers are finding ways to merge art and science for the benefit of students.

  • Views: 497 Zero Gravity Challenge

    NASA’s  Reduced Gravity Student Flight Program challenges engineering students nationwide to compete for the chance to test their product designs in a low-gravity environment.  David Mette, Plugged-In reporter and a member of UT’s design finalist team, takes us on a zero gravity airplane flight where the students’ concepts are put to the test.