WGTE Town Hall Series

  • Views: 17 WGTE TOWN HALL: Dialogue to Change Toledo

    Watch the entire WGTE Town Hall: Dialogue to Change and find out what you can do to advance justice, equality and understanding in our community.

    Since 2013, Dialogue to Change Toledo has worked to build bridges between people from all walks of life to tackle the tough issues of racism, justice and understanding in our community.

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  • Views: 24 WGTE Town Hall: Dreams + Education = Success -

    Learn about the barriers faced by students at Holland Elementary School and the solutions that we can provide for all students in our community.

    Moderated by WGTE's Director of Early Learning and Community Outreach Kathy Smith, this WGTE Town Hall, which aired on March 19, 2015, is a partnership with Holland Elementary School.

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  • Views: 1364 WGTE Town Hall: Alternative Energy -

    The Northwest Ohio region has a multitude of alternative energy stories to tell, including cutting-edge biomass fuel research being developed and tested at the University of Toledo's College of Engineering, and the activities of the many solar energy firms headquartered in the Toledo area (a legacy of Toledo's history as the nation's major glass manufacturer).   In addition, Lake Erie is being considered as the site of a future wind farm to capture prevailing winds across the lower Great Lakes region.

    Can alternative energy sources realistically replace our reliance on petroleum, coal and nuclear power?  Can the Midwest take an aging rust belt industrial tradition and turn it around to manufacture solar panels and wind turbines?  Join the discussion and post your questions for our experts to answer.

  • WGTE Town Hall: Seeking Solutions to Senior Hunger -

    Senior hunger and food insecurity are big problems nationwide, and in our community.

    In Ohio, five percent of senior citizens are at risk of going hungry. More than 250,000 elderly Ohioans receive emergency food assistance. The risk of hunger is expected to grow 50 percent by 2025, while funding for food banks, senior programs and meal delivery is being slashed.

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  • Views: 959 WGTE Town Hall: American Graduate -

    WGTE presented this live Town Hall program "American Graduate - Finding Solutions for Toledo's Kids"

    We also broadcast special editions of "Deadline Now," focusing on graduation rates and community solutions in October and December.

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  • Views: 2246 WGTE Town Hall: Facing the Mortgage Crisis -

    WGTE Public Media presented this live Town Hall hosted by Bill Harris.  This one-hour television special connected people facing mortgage foreclosure to the local organizations that can help them stay in their homes.

    Panelists and mortgage specialists, including Richard Alston, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality; Mike King, Consumer Credit Counseling Service; Pam Mayer, Neighborhood Housing Service; T. Mari Taoka, Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge; and Keith Foster, Fair Housing Center answered questions during this live broadcast.

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  • Views: 865 WGTE Town Hall: Watershed Mentality -

    Explore the issues that impact the water quality of the Maumee River Basin, the largest watershed in the Great Lakes system. Bill Harris hosts this discussion of the current state of the water quality of the Maumee River watershed. Viewers participate by calling or emailing during this live program.  More info, discussion boards and more at more watershed info.

  • Views: 1171 WGTE Town Hall: Leading in Literacy -

    Bill Harris hosted this live program that examines one of the most pressing issues facing our community - the problem of low literacy rates among preschool aged children. Children entering school with high literacy skills are "ready to learn" and move to the head of the class. Children with weak reading skills begin school at a disadvantage, a gap that may grow wider as their educational experiece proceeds. How can we break the cycle?


  • Views: 535 WGTE Town Hall: Elephant Care and Preservation -

    WGTE Town Hall: Elephant Care and Preservation

    This town hall event, hosted by Bill Harris, examines The Toledo Zoo's mission of inspiring others to join them in caring for animals and conserving the natural world. They strive to accomplish this goal in many ways, but one of the most fascinating aspects of their work involves elephant care.

    A new elephant environment called the Tembo Trail blends elephant care with a unique visitor experience. What is the balance zoos must achieve between elephant care and public display? How do animal care professionals keep these intelligent animals entertained and engaged in learning activity? Who are the people who care for the elephants, making sure they are healthy in body and mind?

    This program is made possible by Susan L. Conda

    Photo by Lynn Lyons

  • Views: 1020 WGTE Town Hall: Financial Literacy for Students -

    "The depth of our financial ignorance is startling...and at a time when we're borrowing more than ever, most Americans can't explain what compound interest is." So wrote journalist James Surowiecki, whose column about business and finance appears each week in The New Yorker.

    WGTE addresses the important issue of financial literacy for students in this live Town Hall program, hosted by Bill Harris. Expert panelists answer questions and give advice for parents and educators on the importance of teaching financial literacy to young people, as well as how to do so effectively.

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  • Views: 147 WGTE Town Hall: Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety (Program 1) -

    This WGTE Town Hall Program is hosted by Bill Harris and is the first of three Town Hall programs aimed at raising awareness and creating discussion about bullying. During this program we explore the causes and consequences of bullying, intimidation and violence among youth in our community.  How can we identify the signs of bullying early?  And, how can we find ways to foster understanding and healing, instead of division and violence?

    The program features William Geha, Sylvania Public Schools; SRO/Ptl. Tim McLeod, Oregon City School District/Oregon Police Division; Dr. Lisa Pescara-Kovach, The University of Toledo; Neil Rochotte Washington Local School District.

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  • WGTE Town Hall: Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety (Program 2) -

    Bill Harris hosts this special event, this program addresses identifying and responsing to bullying.  What should parents, school officials, bystanders and those being bullied do when bullying happens.  Bullying behavior is can occur wherever young people gather, whether in an educational environment or after school activities.  

    Discussion also centers on state laws and mandates for schools to have anti-bullying policies in place, including off-campus cyber-bullying when it is levied against a student.

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  • Views: 478 WGTE Town Hall: Low Birth Weight Crisis -

    Bill Harris hosts this important Town Hall, call-in event, originally broadcast on Thursday, November 4th at 8:00 p.m. The program explores how in Lucas County there are huge disparities in birth weight outcomes based on where a mother lives. Suburban newborn weights are within healthy ranges; however mothers in Toledo's inner-city neighborhoods have increased rates of low birth weight births. These babies are at higher risk for physical and developmental problems.

    Viewers participated in the discussion by calling 1-866-380-4664, via email at townhall@wgte.org or by texting WGTEPublic with your message to 41411 during the program.  You can still participate by emailing the above or making a comment.

  • Views: 565 WGTE Town Hall: Swan Creek Watershed -

    WGTE, with the support of WPSU - Penn State Public Broadcasting, explores how local officials are working towards cooperative ways to balance civic and environmental needs in regards to how we manage the Swan Creek Watershed. Bill Harris hosts this in-depth discussion.  Taped February 2009.

  • Views: 918 WGTE Town Hall: Depression -

    This WGTE interactive Town Hall to examines the impact of depression on those with the disease, their families and the community at large. A panel of local experts offered information, direction and answered questions from the studio audience and viewers.

    This program is followed by an interactive online webinar discussion.

  • Views: 595 WGTE Town Hall: Critical Condition -

    WGTE presents a Town Hall with local experts, physicians and people who are personally experiencing the health care crisis in their own lives.  By raising awareness of the local problem, we hope to encourage more citizens to ask the hard  Who are the people in our area who are hardest hit by the lack of affordable healthcare?  Where can those in need go for help? How can you take responsbility for your own health?  Hosted by Rhonda Sewell, from the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.

  • Views: 1670 WGTE Town Hall: Families Facing the Mortgage Crisis -

    Bill Harris hosted this live, one-hour special that connects parents with local resources to help them better communicate with their children on the current financial situation including the mortgage crisis. Topics included losing a job and/or home; feelings of insecurity; the concept of want versus need; language and approach for differing age groups; need for security; and much more.

    Panelists included Mike King, Consumer Credit Counseling Service; Eric Young, Harbor; and Kristi Hannan, Lucas County Help Me Grow.

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  • Views: 718 WGTE Town Hall: Legacy of Hope: Cancer Clinical Trials -

    Taped before a live studio audience and hosted by Amy Ashcroft, Legacy of Hope profiles the Toledo Community Hospital Oncology program's efforts to increase public awareness regarding the importance of clinical trails in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Viewers are invited to call in during the broadcast with questions or to request free information.

  • Views: 1048 STEM Education: Critical Partnerships for the 21st Century

    Television Town Hall Program and Community Webinar

    Our region's next generation needs to be prepared to live and work in a world where an understanding of science and technology can make the difference between success and failure.  A local commitment to increase the focus on STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) will make today's students more globally competitive as working adults, and Northwest Ohio will thrive.  WGTE Public media, WBGU TV27, UT3, Ohio STEM Learning Network and the National Governors Association, present a special televised Town Hall on Thursday, May 13 at 8:00 p.m. 

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