Plugged-In 210

  • Views: 255 Sound Technology

    Plugged-In visits the Music Dept. at UT and meets a sound designer and music composer for film.  We discuss how we've come from traditional music composition of recording instruments in the studio to using computer software for enhancement to creating music directly from the computer.  We will also demonstrate how music is composed and scored for film.

  • Views: 485 Bridging the Gap: Integrating studies in the sciences and humanities

    The Sciences and the Humanities are both concerned with the study of change, but each looks at the world in different ways and for different reasons.  The Humanities Institute at the University of Toledo is pioneering ways that the disciplines can integrate studies so that students, and faculty, can develop a more comprehensive view of the world we live in.  Shaun McDonald reveals how each relies on the other for a well-rounded education.

  • Views: 501 Hearing, With Help : The technology behind Cochlear Implants

    The science and technology that brings hearing to people without that ability is explored through a surgically implanted, electronic device – the cochlear implant.  We interview and show actual patients, and explore their experiences.    Interviews include those from Health Sciences and Human Services, with input from the Disability Studies Center.  Interviews with Lori A. Pakulski, young people with implants and the Cleveland Clinic.

  • Views: 200 To Boldly Go…

    Plugged talks with Dr. Tom Megeath at the University of Toledo about his breakthrough discovery concerning star formation.  Using images from  the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory, Dr. Megeath discovered a large hole or empty space surrounding a protostar.  We explore the current scientific understanding of star formation and what this new discovery means.

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