Plugged-In 211

  • Views: 513 Organically Designed: Green fashions and safe products

    Kyle Smitley, is a UT college student concerned about the environment, and she is also an entrepreneur who has designed her own line of organic clothing for children, called Barley & Birch.  Katie Colosimo explores what organic means, from the cotton grown on the farm to the dyes used in the manufacturing process, and then visits an eco-friendly retail store.

  • Views: 494 Taking the LEED: Integrating energy conservation into construction

    What is L.E.E.D. certification?  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. (L.E.E.D.) Green Building Rating System is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. esley Mathern consults with experts in the future of green design and technology.

  • Views: 453 Green-Collar Economy: Jobs that move technology out of the lab and onto the rooftop

    We explore solar panel installation as a new ‘green-collar’ career. Also, how technology is taken from idea stage to marketable product - featuring Al Compaan on PhotoVoltaics;  Xunming Deng and Matt Longthorne at Xunlight Corp.   We focus on the installation and assess ease of the technology for home utility.

  • Views: 492 Blowing in the Wind

    The Great Lakes may provide a more reliably windy surface than the less-than-flat landmasses far from the lakeshores.  Erica Baker reports on the work of scientists with designs on tapping into the wind power offshore.

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