• Views: 444 Is There Life On Mars? Using light to find life on other planets

    The factors that came together to create an environment that sustains life on our planet, gives us a base of understanding to know what to look for when searching for similar life elsewhere in our universe.  One way to search the stars for planets similar to our own is by using the light spectrum to analyze environments light years away.  Life could be out there, and light may lead the way.

  • Views: 502 Technically Accurate: Innovation in archeology redefines history

    Archeology is going high tech! Recent digs, especially in the area of the Battle of Fallen Timbers are turning up some surprising results. Historian and Archeologist Dr. Michael Pratt discuss local digs and the Metroparks of the Toledo Area showcase some of the recent finds.

  • Views: 200 To Boldly Go…

    Plugged talks with Dr. Tom Megeath at the University of Toledo about his breakthrough discovery concerning star formation.  Using images from  the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory, Dr. Megeath discovered a large hole or empty space surrounding a protostar.  We explore the current scientific understanding of star formation and what this new discovery means.

  • Views: 518 Little Creatures/Big Clues: Using Ants to Assess Climate Change

    We take the presence of ants for granted.  Yet their numbers, diversity and behavior are sending us clues about the changing environment - but are we paying attention?  Wesley Mathern peers in the miniature world of our fascinating insect neighbors.

  • Views: 497 Zero Gravity Challenge

    NASA’s  Reduced Gravity Student Flight Program challenges engineering students nationwide to compete for the chance to test their product designs in a low-gravity environment.  David Mette, Plugged-In reporter and a member of UT’s design finalist team, takes us on a zero gravity airplane flight where the students’ concepts are put to the test.

  • Views: 401 Seeing is Believing: How Powerful Microscopes and Telescopes Reveal Reality

    From telescopes to microscopes, Jennifer Mondelli examines the tools that allow us to examine our environment. Visit the Ritter Observatory and see how the telescope looks at large objects at a long distances, and then discover how electron microscopes are used to look at molecular structures.

    Jennifer then discusses the lab with Dr. Joseph Lawrence, Instrumentation Analyst, at the UT College of Engineering.

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