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If a farmer is over applying phosphorus, theoretically, can you tell who is doing it so they can be "busted"? Can it be tested to tell where it came from?


What about farmers that are farming from the river bottoms?


What is the Asian Carps role in the health of our water?


Residential Application of Fertilizer: How can they regulate this? 


What are the factors that caused the shift from particulate to dissolved phosphorus in the streams to Lake Erie? 


Do municipalities in the Lake Erie Basin test for toxins in drinking water?  Does the algae I'm hearing about effect that?   


Is a watershed mentality being taught in our schools?


Can phosphorus attach to grass clippings of residential properties?  Is that a contributor to phosphorus levels like farming contributes? 


When I fertilize my lawn, am I adding to the problems in the Lake?   


Is the abundance of mayflies an indicator of high or low quality water in the Lake?


Why is the State not requiring nutrient management plans of third parties spreading manure?


Could you address the effect of the overall pollution that enters the lake via the Maumee River, as well as the effect of lake ships and what they use to clean decks and boats on the phosphorus?


Why is Toledo allowing the Corps of Engineers to dump sediment in Lake Erie?  When will it be fixed?


When the Corps of Engineers started open lake dumping again in the late 90's, did the phosphorus stirred up from the sediment contribute to the problems were seeing now?


Why do we still allow phosphorus products to be used so widely?


Water quality has declined since a Watershed Mentality was done three years ago ... what are regulators doing about it?


If the sediment and phosphorus is coming from the upstream sources, why aren't those subwatersheds, such as the Blanchard River, not included in the areas of concern? 


Does anyone know the % of phosphorus from residential run off?  (Lawn Fertilizers)


Why is this dire situation of nutrients and algal blooms being put on the back burner? 


Are you saying the farmer's fertilizer run off is the cause of the algal blooms?  Are they telling the farmers this information? 


Why do they allow farmers to spray their crops by airplane?  


Are we concerned about those rivers that feed into the watershed, like the Blanchard River?  What steps are being taken to ensure phosphorus and sediment are being reduced from those sources?  


What percentage of the problems in the Maumee River Watershed is coming from Michigan? 


When it rains and there are piles of manure under water, does drainage into the canal and lake cause a problem?


The runoff and algae have increased with all the drain tiles installed in farm fields.  Are these drains regulated?


What is the impact on the recreational activities and economy due to the increased algal bloom?


What can the average homeowner do to alleviate some of the flooding and sediment load in their own yards?


For over 2 years now we have been waiting for OEPA's nutrient standard rules.  As we wait, the waters become more green & toxic.  When is the OEPA going to allow the rules to go for public comment?  Also, why address small streams first?


What are the impacts from the City of Toledo overflow from sewage on algal blooms in Lake Erie?


I've seen horse farms with piles of manure are submerged in the spring when it rains and draining right into a canal that drains into the Lake.  Isn't there something horse farms can do to dispose of their manure so this doesn't happen?  Who regulates this? 


What factors can we attribute the increase in phosphorus in Lake Erie?

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