Plugged-In 302

  • Views: 270 The Life Cycle of Star Clusters: New windows into star formation and galaxy evolution

    Dr. Rupali Chandar, UT assistant professor of astronomy, discusses her new research into star cluster and galaxy formation and lifecycles.   Dr. Chandar's research is challenging the conventional views of the cosmos, and new theories are being inspired by her findings. 

  • Views: 488 On the Green Fast Track: Recycling at the Speedway

    The Michigan International Speedway shows off a new facility made of recycled materials, solar panels, water conservation and a big recycling program for the tons of cans and bottles that crowds leave behind after every race.  University of Toledo’s  Chuck Lehnert VP for Facilities & Construction gives us perspective on corporate America’s green scene.

  • Views: 483 Global Perspective: Bringing innovative business practices into area businesses

    The Executive Center for Global Competitiveness (ECGC) is an outreach and engagement center at the University of Toledo's College of Business Administration. The ECGC brings a host of innovative practices, research and hands-on consulting to area businesses.  We visit SSOE, an engineering and architectural design and construction management firm in Toledo to see how they are partnering on innovations in process improvement.

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