Plugged-In 304

  • Views: 497 Zero Gravity Challenge

    NASA’s  Reduced Gravity Student Flight Program challenges engineering students nationwide to compete for the chance to test their product designs in a low-gravity environment.  David Mette, Plugged-In reporter and a member of UT’s design finalist team, takes us on a zero gravity airplane flight where the students’ concepts are put to the test.

  • Views: 290 Heart of Glass: Science and Art Meet in the Medium

    Glass can be used to create works of art, functional objects like windows and industrial products like fiberglas or solar panels.  Scientific glassblowers at the University of Toledo are teaching students how to creative beautiful objects and about the science involved in the process of making and handling this material.

  • Views: 189 Student Scientists: UT encourages high school students to study the environment

    The University of Toledo, along with TMACOG and the National Science Foundation have created a program that gets teen aged scientists out into nature to study the quality of our area's environmental health.  UT graduate students oversee the high schoolers' work as they explore the wild and test water quality in streams as part of the Student Watershed Watch program.

  • Views: 255 Sound Technology

    Plugged-In visits the Music Dept. at UT and meets a sound designer and music composer for film.  We discuss how we've come from traditional music composition of recording instruments in the studio to using computer software for enhancement to creating music directly from the computer.  We will also demonstrate how music is composed and scored for film.